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La Música de Castle: Segunda Temporada

Segunda Temporada

2x01 Deep in death

Can I Get Get Get- Junior Senior
Highschool Hoodlums- The Datsuns
My Fault. Your Mistake.- Lex Land       
River to Your Soul (Liu Xiang Ni Xin Di de He)- DJ Dimi
50-96- Charles Fearing

2x02 The double down

Who Taught You to Live Like That?- Sloan
We Are Not the Losers (Anymore)- Actionslacks

2x03 Inventing the girl

Brainwashed- Ultraviolet Sound     
My Personal Moon- Madison Park
So Thankful- D'Layna & Mahjong
Heart Place- Lindsay Katt  
Friends Forever More (Friends Indeed)- Chad Hannah    
We Swing- Jaconfetti 

2x04 Fool me once...

Can't Stop- MoZella
Factories- Winter Gloves
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 

2x05 When the bough breaks

Everybody Loves Me- OneRepublic  
Fever's Burning Up- Alyx   
Rocket- El Presidente 

2x06 Vampire weekend

Pure Pleasure Seeker- Moloko

2x07 Famous last words

Threshold (Sky Blue Band Version)- Anna Waronker
Threshold (Acoustic Version)- Anna Waronker
Here Kitty Kitty- Anna Waronker (En los extras del DVD aparecen los videoclips de ambas canciones)

2x08 Kill the messenger

On Fire- Locksley
C'mon Y'all- Salme Dahlstrom 

2x09 Love me dead

Everyday- Vetiver   
Winner- Swingfly
Madly In Action- The Shy    
Love Fire- The Emeralds
Now We Can See- The Thermals 

2x10 One man's treasure

The Calculation- Regina Spektor
Fact-Fiction- Mads Langer
Crush On You- Brakes 

2x11 The fifth bullet

Chin Up- Amy Stroup   
All We Need Is Love- Jenni Alpert

2x12 A rose for everafter

Take a Chance- The Magic Numbers
Love Song- Golden State

2x13 Sucker punch

The End- Pearl Jam

2x14 The third man

Dream a Better Way- Tim Hanauer
Cold Turkey- Linear B  
Across Waters- Channel Two
Trading Things In- The Voluntary Butler Scheme 

2x15 Suicide squeeze

Whole Again- All Night Chemists 
I Get Around- Dragonette

2x16 The mistress always spanks twice

Patterns- Band of Skull     
SuperConductor- Beautiful Small Machines  
Standalone- Ghost In The Machine
Save Me- Carnaby
Asphyxia- Noirhaus     
Red Lips & Fingertips- The Come Ons     
Picture Perfect- Lindsey Ray

2x17 Tick, Tick, Tick...

7 Stars- The Apples In Stereo 

2x18 Boom!

We Alright- The Genders

2x19 Wrapped up in death

Love Is Endless- MoZella

2x20 The late shaft

How Much I Feel- David Pack
Turn Around- Soul P     
With You- Graham Colton

2x21 Den of thieves

Unthought Known- Pearl Jam  
Not Bad At All- Steve McDonald

2x22 Food to die for

Sleep Comes Lately- Malpais
So Far, So Long- Alexander Cardinale
Slow Down- Dry Spells

2x23 Overkill

Workin Man's Blues- Aceyalone        
Crash and Burn- Lifehouse
You and Me Belong- Jes Brieden

2x24 A deadly game

Into the Blue- Sara Jackson-Holman

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